Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic fiber paper is a type of ceramic-based insulator that can be produced from various ceramic fibers

including HA and HZ, and it shows excellent resistance to high temperature and harsh mechanical and chemical environments.

These have made ceramic fiber paper a suitable choice of insulation for environments where features such as resistance to high temperature, thermal shock and corrosion are required.Flexibility, consistent thickness and high tensile strength are among other unique features of this product. Compared to ceramic blanket, even though paper is thinner, it has a lower heat transfer rate. Ceramic fiber paper is a wight insulator that can stand high temperatures up to 1430 C. One of the main characteristics of ceramic fiber paper is that since it does not contain asbestos, it is not harmful to the environment or humans, making it a great substitute for asbestos-based products.

Competitive edges



Today many industries benefit from all the advantages that ceramic fiber paper has to offer. Some of the main applications in industries are listed below:

Ceramic fiber paper features

Features of the production line

In addition to the features above, resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemicals and oxidants, ease of installation, resistance to wild temperature fluctuations and the ability to be used as a noise insulator have attracted various industries attracted to ceramic fiber paper.

The automated continuous 70-meter line results in consistency in the quality of all products. Additionally, this line allows all aspects of the product, including thickness, width, length and temperature grade to be customized according to the customers’ special requests. This production line is equipped with high tech features allowing it to be environmentally friendly.


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